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Instanet: Real Estate's #1 paperless services since 1991

About Instanet

One Simple Interface, Six Powerful Solutions
Available Everywhere on Anything

Instanet Solutions has been the leading provider of real estate technology since its founding in 1991. The Instanet suite of integrated products streamlines any real estate process from start to finish. One simple interface, six powerful solutions!

Instanet Solutions operates out of offices in the United States and Canada, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to State REALTOR® boards, leading MLS’ (including the nation’s largest MLS), various associations, large and small brokerages and individual real estate agents.

Core Values : Security, Value, Support

Benefits to Real Estate Brokerages and Professionals

  • Real estate offices and brokers can reduce their business risk and operating costs while offering clients better around-the-clock service with technology solutions from Instanet Solutions. These benefits include:
  • More Consistent Customer Service and Professionalism. Professional PDF forms, contracts and documents; consistent service delivery via broker defined Activity Plans; a customer service portal with 24/7 client access; automated email updates; broker branding of forms, email, faxes and the customer service portal. All these add up to a professional, modern and consistent customer service experience.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency. Forms and contracts are filled out faster. Files and documents are located, accessed and distributed faster. Anyone with the right permissions can access any file from anywhere. Better Insight into Transactions Reporting functions allow the brokerage staff to create reports across transaction files and access any particular transaction file for improved business insight, file management, and file auditing.
  • Increased Compliance While Reducing Legal Exposure. Our system automatically creates an audit trail whenever someone accesses and manages a file. All forms, documents, tasks and service orders are tracked and logged. A PDF of all transaction documents and information is kept online for the legal retention period in your state.
  • Lower Telecommunication and Consumable Costs. Outbound faxing, inbound faxing, document printing, document copying all have telecommunications costs or consumable costs (paper, toner, etc.) associated with them. By using our online platform to manage and distribute documents online, via email and via integrated unlimited, toll-free faxing, your brokerage can save even more money.
  • Creates an Easy-to-Implement Training Framework for Agents. The brokerage is able to define what forms are used and what tasks are to be completed for any transaction type. The forms and tasks are then automatically added to the transaction file as the agent (or staff) creates the transaction file and proceeds through the easy step-by-step wizard.
  • Lower Brick and Mortar Costs. Our platform gives you, your staff and agents the ability to access and work on listing, sale and lease files from any internet-connected computer from anywhere at any time. This gives you the ability to have more people working remotely, rather than using costly office space.
  • Enterprise Grade and Expandable. Our “one platform, one interface” system makes adding additional modules a snap. You don’t have to learn a new system or program to add more functionality. Modules work seamlessly with one another, and are designed from the ground up to be real estate specific.
  • Saves Money on Storage, Redundancy and Time. Our real estate solutions help you run a smoother operation and reduce or eliminate the need for paper storage. Optional modules like Authentisign (eSigning), InstanetFax and DocBox save the brokerage thousands of dollars a year.
  • Our technology solutions are affordable, scalable and real estate specific. We offer deep multi-user discounts, and have a fully-staffed training department to make sure your implementation happens quickly and seamlessly.

Tips and Tricks

Keep up-to-date with our latest tips, tricks and insights into how Instanet Solutions products can help you grow and streamline your business.

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