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Authentisign Gets Accreditation in Quebec

Brokers Using InstanetForms Can Now Legally Sign Real Estate Contracts

L’Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec, London, Ontario – January 17th, 2014 – Instanet Solutions announced today that Authentisign, the electronic signature software solution, has been approved by l’Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACiQ) for use across Quebec.

Authentisign is Instanet’s highly secure and legally-compliant electronic signature solution, allowing licensed Real Estate Brokers to easily transmit contracts and documents to their clients for online signing.

Since 2012, Brokers in Quebec have been using InstanetForms which includes important OACiQ real estate documents such as the “Promise to Purchase”. In fact, Brokers in Quebec have filled out nearly 1.4 million OACiQ-forms using our system in the last 2 years. Accreditation of Authentisign by OACiQ means that a Broker already using Instanet to fill out the online documents can now easily submit those same forms to buyers, sellers and other transaction participants to securely esign online.

“With the OACiQ approval, Brokers across Quebec will now be able to complete real estate deals without paper,” says Martin Scrocchi, CEO & President of Instanet Solutions. “No longer will a Broker need to rely on printed or faxed copies of listing and contract documents, nor will they need to drive across town to obtain a signature. They literally will fill out every element of the real estate transaction online, using Instanet, and securely send them to clients to sign online.”

“The accreditation inspection conducted by OACiQ included a very detailed evaluation of our systems, security, data access, disaster recovery, business continuity, management of the signatory workflow, and the forms-signing workflow. It was an extremely microscopic look across our business practices. We applaud the process which ensures Instanet is a high-quality and reliable vendor. This should give Brokers in Quebec tremendous confidence in using our software,” adds Mr. Scrocchi

About Instanet Solutions: Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with over 400,000 licensed, paid user accounts of their various real estate focused products – InstanetForms™, TransactionDesk™, DocBox™, InstanetFax™ and Authentisign™. Instanet Solutions began delivering residential real estate technology in 1990.

Instanet Solutions services have processed more than 160 million pages of electronic documents just since 2009 and have saved millions of pages of paper. Instanet Solutions was a pioneer of paperless efforts in the real estate industry, including its Go Green Go Paperless campaign initiated in 2008. Instanet Solutions continues to lead the industry in promoting and developing paperless real estate technologies. Further information about Instanet Solutions and its products is available at


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