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Getting Started with Instanet: A Step by Step Guide to Your First 24 Hours

Congratulations are in order! You’ve made the decision to sign on with Instanet Solutions to take your business to new heights. We couldn’t be happier to be part of the next chapter of your business’s development.

So, now that you’re ready to go paperless, what’s next? To help you get started, we’ve drafted a step by step guide for how to maximize your first 24 hours as part of the Instanet family.

Step 1: Log In! Thanks to our many MLS and Association integrations, accessing your information through your Instanet account is easy. Access directly from your MLS or Association website or use your Instanet user name and password credentials to access the Instanet services directly and take a look around. Logging in for the first time from your MLS/Association site will automatically create your account and populate it with contact information, office affiliations and all the data on file for you at the MLS or Association / Board. Now, once logged in, get ready for Transaction Management at its finest!

Step 2: Create a Transaction Template. Creating a template is not required but it sure does help save time, energy, and effort when you’re creating a new client file. TransactionDesk is all about Transaction files for clients and properties. A great way to get started is to start with Template Forms and the most common or routine features of client files. Create a ‘Sale’ template and a ‘Listing’ template then, when you’re ready to input new client information, import the template to add those routine items.

Step 3: Practice! All the Instanet services are unlimited so the transactions, document storage, or Authentisign signings possibilities are endless! We suggest starting a ‘Test’ or ‘Sample’ file, importing the template and ‘typing up’ a set of forms. Get the feel for transaction files, the file tabs (Details, Contacts, Forms, Documents, Authentisign and History), the terminology, and screen layout.

Next: Look for the “I would like to” drop down menu.

Step 4: “I would like to..” On just about every screen of TransactionDesk, you’ll find the phrase, “I would like to” associated with a drop down menu of features and functions. Click the drop down to expand the menu and check out the options available.

Step 5: Use Authentisign: Once you have created a file and typed up some InstanetForms, it’s time to prepare and sign those completed forms using Authentisign!

To get started, set yourself up as the signing participant (or ask a friend, family member or colleague to volunteer for the exercise), import your typed up forms and upload any other documents necessary. Next, ‘Drag ‘n Drop’ the initial and signature stamps to indicate where on the page a signature will be required.

Just like with hard copy printed contracts that use ‘sign here’ stickers, Authentisign prepares the digital document for signing by clients using the signature and initials stamp. Once you’ve indicated all the necessary signatures and initials, send the invitation to sign!

Once the Authentisign email invitation to sign has been received, an Authentisign Signature identity can be created. This indentity need only be created once, the first time an invitation is received. The identity can then be used each time a signature is required.

Once the identity is set up, the documents that require a signature will pop up. The best part is that once the signing is complete those signed documents will be automatically delivered to the Documents Tab of your Transaction File by Authentisign!

The best way to be a resource to your clients is to have first hand experience with the software they will be using. Going through the signing process yourself will help you help your clients move through the process, when the time comes!

Step 6: Upload Documents. An important part of the transaction file is saving signed, Ratified documents, home inspections, surveys et al. Use the Documents Tab to upload file documents and faxed documents into the file using the included ‘Fax Back Cover Sheet’. Next, use the ‘Upload via Email’ function to save the transaction as an email contact in order to forward email messages and attachments directly to the transaction file for online access.

Step 7: Do it Again: They say that three is the magic number..! Create three transaction files (you can always delete them!) and go through the signing process three times to be sure that you’ve mastered the TransactionDesk service.   Onscreen help is always available and is indicated by question marks (?) in the upper right corner of every screen. Additionally, at the bottom of every functional page you will find a “Live Support” link. That link offers access to help documents, online videos, and access to 24/7 North American based toll free tech support!   Once you start, the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Do you have any advice for first time Instanet Solutions product users? We’d love to hear what you’ve learned! Get in touch with us anytime.



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