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How do I: Create a New Signing?

Are you new to Authentisign? Perhaps you’re wondering how to complete a signing. If that’s the case then this blog post is for you.

To begin you’ll want to sign in to Authentisign and create a new signing

  • Click the ‘+’ in your menu options at the top
  • Link your new signing to an existing transaction file by selecting one of your existing transactions in the drop down list

The next step is to add participants to the signing:

  • Pull the contact from the transaction file
  • Import the forms and documents you require for the signing and click add to include them
  • Select any completed forms and add them to the signing
  • Add initial and signature stamps wherever needed

Moving onto the design phase;

  • Select the appropriate participants for the signing.
  • You can add more signature and initial stamps to the signing by dragging and dropping them into the document
  • Use the editing tools to mark up the document as needed.

At this point, be sure to save your changes. You also have the option to download the document to your files.

Finalize the signing by customizing the email that Authentisign will send to your client. This step is optional but we highly recommend that you make use of this option as a means of connecting with your client on a personal level.

Click ‘save’ and send the invitations out. Just like that a new signing has been created and sent out!

If you would like to see your questions addressed in a blog post we would love to hear from you! Send us an email with your questions and we’ll happily address them in an upcoming blog!


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