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How Do I: Use Authentisign for an In Person Signing?

Getting a signing out of the way when you’re with a client in person is easy! To complete an in person signing quickly and efficiently follow these steps:

  • Click ‘add contact’ (can be a new or an existing).
  • In the new contact screen where it says ‘Type’ at the top of the window mark them as in person signer
  • Add the Host email and Host signing pin.

Once you have completed that you can complete the rest of the signing process like you normally would.

Each signer has a signing host that will receive the invitation to Authentisign. Once the invitation has been opened and agreed to, hand the tablet or computer over to the signer. The signer should;

  • Create an Authentisign profile, and
  • Create a signature profile using the Instanet ink feature

Hint: If the client needs to clear their slate and try again they can use the wipe feature to do so.

  • Create an initial block for the new signer

The signer will be prompted to create a password and once that is complete the signing profile will be usable for future signings.

Now, the signer must review and accept the Terms of Service and End User Agreement. The documents will then be open and ready for signing. The signer can now accept the signing blocks in the document and apply signatures wherever necessary.

Click ‘complete’ and review the contract and you’re done! Now that the signing is complete you can hand the device back to the host.

If you would like to see your questions addressed in a blog post we would love to hear from you! Send us an email with your questions and we’ll happily address them in an upcoming blog!


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