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Instanet Solutions announces new version of TransactionDesk

TransactionDesk gets complete makeover enabling easier creation and review of transaction documents and data.

Instanet Solutions London, Ontario – November 6th, 2014 – Instanet Solutions announced today the new TransactionDesk service.  TransactionDesk has been completely rebuilt using today’s fastest, most secure and responsive technologies. The result is unparalleled ease of use, performance and functionality that enables agents, brokers and enterprises to create, maintain, review and coordinate all transaction documents and activities.

The new TransactionDesk is built using Instanet’s new Dashboard widget technology.  Users and Managers can select preset dashboards or drag and drop smart widgets to create their own custom dashboard.

TransactionDesk will no longer have separate Pro and Lite interfaces as users and brokerages can now decide their own user experience.

Along with the new version of TransactionDesk are new, updated versions of AuthentiSign, InstanetForms, DocBox and InstanetFax.

“The new TransactionDesk service brings a new level of interactivity between the agent, the broker, their documents and their data.” said Martin Scrocchi, President and CEO of Instanet Solutions.  “We have leveraged our 20 plus years of experience in real estate technology along with input from our hundreds of thousands of users to develop new, innovative technologies such as our real time Dashboards allowing for the easiest, fastest document review process across single or multi-office installs and all at no additional cost.  Unlike other services that charge over $3000 a year for a broker to review their agent’s documents, all of the new functionality is included in TransactionDesk at no additional cost.  Why would you pay more for less?”

Instanet Solutions will be making the new TransactionDesk service available to their clients starting in 2015.  Instanet will be demonstrating the new version of TransactionDesk at the 2014 National Association of REALTORS® conference in New Orleans November 7th to 10th at booth 628.

About Instanet Solutions: Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with over 400,000 licensed, paid user accounts of their various real estate focused products – Instanet Forms™, TransactionDesk®, AuthentiSign®, DocBox®, and InstanetFax®.  Instanet Solutions began delivering residential real estate technology in 1990.

Instanet Solutions services have processed more than 200 million pages of documents just since 2009 and have saved millions of pages of paper.  Instanet Solutions was a pioneer of paperless efforts in the real estate industry, including its Go Green Go Paperless campaign initiated in 2008.  Instanet Solutions continues to lead the industry in promoting and developing paperless real estate technologies.  Further information about Instanet Solutions and its products is available at


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