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The NEW TransactionDesk: Frequently Asked Questions and Fun Facts

If you have been using the New TransactionDesk or are going to be using it soon then this blog is for you! We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the New TransactionDesk as well as some helpful tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can agents send a signing to two participants that share the same email address? 

  • Answer: Absolutely, they can. Add the 2 signers as different participants, but put the same email for both participants. It would probably be best that this be a sign-in line signing as well. Just to keep the invites organized for the signers.

Will I be able to use the New TransactionDesk on devices other than my computer such as my smartphone or tablet?

  • Answer: Yes, the New TransactionDesk provides users with an experience allowing them to use Authentisign and the form editor that is more specifically tailored for the views on these devices. It is now very easy to set up a signing or fill a form out right off your phone or tablet.

Is there any way for me to see a general overview of all of my information?

  • Answer: In the new system, looking at an overview of your information just got really easy! Now with the agent and broker dashboard you can place many kinds of widget to get real-time up to date information on how your transaction and your agents transactions are performing.

In the New TransactionDesk how can I sort documents in a transaction?

  • Answer: In the new TransactionDesk you can now sort your documents in a transaction in a few different ways, to set up whether you want to sort/filter them or drag them into order you just have to go to Settings – Program settings – Document Settings.

Will I be able to store files in cloud based applications using the New TransactionDesk?

  • Answer: The cloud storage integration (OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive) is not just limited to Authentisign anymore, you can import documents into your transaction and Docbox now from the cloud. You also can export them back.

Fun Facts:

  1. In the New TransactionDesk you are now able to import google contacts into your address book or in your transaction.
  2. In the New TransactionDesk you can now post photos to your transaction so you can keep track of what properties you are working with.
  3. Tasks have been greatly improved in the New TransactionDesk. You can now set task dates based off of other task dates. You also have more options when it comes to sharing and notifying the end user and it is all in one spot to make it more streamlined.
  4. In the New TransactionDesk you can now see all of your office transactions in one place so you no longer have to jump around in the system to find them.
  5. As a broker in the New TransactionDesk you now have the ability to prevent your agents from deleting transactions.
  6. We have now added a map feature within your transaction. To use it simply fill in the address info in Property Details. You will then be able to click the Map icon under the transaction name to pull up a google map image.

Tips and Tricks

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