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How Do I: Upload Documents via Email?

One of the many ways to add documents to your transaction files is via email.  Follow the steps below to walk through the process:

  • Open the transaction file you want to work on
  • Find the Documents tab and use the ‘I would like to’ function to access the file options.
  • Selectupload document via email’ and select the action arrow.

Two links will appear, the first will give you access to the one-off email message that will be attached to the documents you’re signing. The second provides the option to download the transaction file email address:

  • Click on the second link
  • Save the email address as a contact in your email client.
  • Create a new email and input the recently saved contact details as the recipient.
  • Attach the documents you wish to upload to the email and click ‘send’.

The email will be sent with your documents to be added to the transaction file you identified.

If you would like to see your questions addressed in a blog post we would love to hear from you! Send us an email with your questions and we’ll happily address them in an upcoming blog!


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