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Why REALTORS Go Paperless?

January 31st, 2015 – Yesterday I was standing at our booth at a Real Estate trade show and an Agent approached me wanting to talk about Authentisign.

Her name is Janet and she lives in a beautiful part of the world – Alberta, Canada. What she told me was amazing… last October-alone she did 26 deals. I don’t care where you live and work… 26 real estate transactions in a month is a big number for any Agent! It was funny watching the others standing within earshot who all inched closer wanting to eavesdrop on Janet’s secret.

What she told me is should couldn’t have done that much business without Authentisign. It allowed her to collaborate with her clients electronically and have documents signed online in quick fashion.

In Janet’s case many of her clients work in the oil industry and are out in the bush. Thanks to Authentisign it was possible to get deals quickly signed by clients scattered about. It also gave her the ability to handle the sheer volume of doing that many deals in a month.

The phrase “go paperless” has been used in our industry so much I think people forget what it means and treat it as more of a marketing slogan. But, Janet is a great example of why REALTORS “go paperless”…. They do it to make more money and save time. Sure, there are other benefits like secure document storage, remote authentication, audit trails, etc. But, in your daily business the bottom line is that it saves you time and will make you more efficient.

So, that’s why REALTORS “go paperless”.

If you aren’t doing it yet you need to. Obviously, we want you to buy our products (and we think they are quite good by the way). If you don’t choose Instanet at least make sure you choose a vendor that is ESIGN-compliant, secure, and reputable. Take time to learn it thoroughly and use it daily in your business.

Maybe at an upcoming trade show you and I will meet and you can tell me your “paperless” success story.

About Instanet Solutions: Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with over 400,000 licensed, paid user accounts of their various real estate focused products –TransactionDesk®, Authentisign®, Instanet Forms®, DocBox® and InstanetFax®. Instanet Solutions began delivering residential real estate technology in 1990.

Instanet Solutions services have processed more than 200 million pages of electronic documents just since 2009 and have saved millions of pages of paper. Instanet Solutions was a pioneer of paperless efforts in the real estate industry, including its Go Green Go Paperless campaign initiated in 2008. Instanet Solutions continues to lead the industry in promoting and developing paperless real estate technologies. Further information about Instanet Solutions and its products is available at


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