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Have a question about one of our products or need some guidance? As a starting point, check out some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked us over the years.

I am using an older computer and forms are not displaying or opening properly for me, what do I need to do to view them correctly?

Our new forms editor uses HTML5 coding, the most modern version of HTML.Older computers that run Windows XP often still use older versions of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, such as IE 8 and IE 9. These older browsers don’t support HTML5.
To resolve this, you will need to download either the Chrome or Firefox browser.Both browsers are free. Chrome is available at Firefox is available at

How do I change my user information such as my email address on the account?

If your MLS, association or broker provided you with the account as a member/association benefit, then you’ll want to change your information with that organization. We get your information from them.

If you purchased your account on your own, you can change this information by logging into your account and selecting Settings, then my preferences and user information.

I have my own fax number that I want to import into the system how do I do that?

This is possible but is done in a few steps. First, you’ll need to make sure your current carrier or fax number provider will allow you to “port” your number to us. If they will and you’ve purchased a Vanity Fax number from us (see previous answer for information on how to do that), contact us at with your request to port your own fax number in.  We will send you back an Authorization sheet to fill out which we use to port your fax number from your current carrier. Once the porting process is complete (we are dependent on your current carrier), we can attach your own fax number to your account.

Can I purchase my own fax number?

Yes you can.You can upgrade to a local or toll free Vanity Fax number. Log into your TransactionDesk account and then click the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner. Next, click Vanity Fax upgrades in the store and follow the instructions to purchase.  Once the purchase is complete, you’ll receive an email with instructions that will give you the information you need to select your fax number from within your TransactionDesk account.

How can documents be faxed into the system?

Faxes sent into the system using a FaxBack Coversheet will be sent to you via email and sent into your transaction, automatically. Each transaction that is created will have a unique fax coversheet created for it, automatically. Simply print or email that faxback coversheet to the person who needs to use it.

When the fax coversheet is used on top of a set of documents and sent to the toll free fax number on the coversheet, we will use the barcode to route that fax to you and to your TransactionDesk account (into the associated transaction).

How do I fax out of TransactionDesk?

You can fax forms and documents from the system. All accounts that include DocBox or documents include toll free faxing anywhere in the continental US and Canada.Simply select the document(s) or form(s) you want to fax out of the system and then select Fax Selected Forms or Fax Selected Documentsfrom theI would like to menu.

How do I separate one PDF into multiple PDFs?

Select a document in a transaction (or a custom folder) and then choose the Slice Selected Document from the I would like to menu. You will then be able to use the tools to save selected pages as a new document, delete pages, rotate pages and perform other actions you need to in order to manage the PDF and it’s pages.

How do I add branding to the emails I send out from Authentisign and TransactionDesk, such as my company logo and banner?

You can easily do this yourself. If you are in Lite, switch to Proby selecting the button that says Pro in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then click Settings and then Branding.

You can now upload a logo, banner and your photo. These are used in emails, the faxback cover and on the Customer Service Portal. The required size of each image is shown on the upload page for each.

If you are a SuperUser, with access to broker tools, you can upload a logo and banner that will be used by your entire company or office, so each person does not have to upload the logo and banner.

I have a wife and a husband who share the same email address can they both use the same email address for Authentisign?

Yes they can. They’ll just need to pay attention to the emails and make sure they each choose the email that is addressed to each person. Each email will have a unique signer’s name in the body of the email.

Why are my signers not receiving the email invite to their email address?

Every email provider out there is different and has different rules for spam and email filtering.

If your signer has not received the email invite make sure they are checking their junk or spam folders. Also, make sure they do not have rules or filters set up that would delete the message automatically.

If they are still not receiving it they will want to either use an alternate email address or contact their email provider and have them make sure is not a blocked sender.


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