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Have a question about one of our products or need some guidance? As a starting point, check out some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked us over the years.

How do I know if my Signers have signed in Authentisign?

There are a couple of ways to tell if your signers have finished signing. (i) the system will email you each time an action is completed – registration, review, acceptance (signing). (ii) you can log into your account and browse your signings, then select the signing you want to check.

You will notice two columns on the right of the page, next to each signer’s name. The one on the leftshows whether they’ve authenticated and the one on the right, the last column, shows if they’ve signed. If you see a checkered flag under the Signed column, it means they have completed the step. If only a circle is displayed, it means they have not completed that step.

Once I am in a form and filling it out how do I go back to the transaction or back into TransactionDesk?

Click on File on the top, left of the screen. This will bring you back to the transaction or back to the forms library, depending on how you entered the form editing screen.


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