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Have a question about one of our products or need some guidance? As a starting point, check out some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked us over the years.

Does the website use a secure connection to protect your data?

When using Instanet, the answer is yes.

It is imperative that any website you use to store sensitive data be protected by a secure connection. To make sure that connection is secure make sure the website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers). An easy way to do this is to check the beginning of the website address. It should start with ‘https’, once you are logged into the site. If it only starts with ‘http’, it is not a secure connection. Your information is not encrypted and can easily be accessed by any novice hacker.

Do not use websites for storing data that do not employ SSL! They are putting your data at serious risk. If you don’t see https:// after you login, it is not safe to use – period!

Is the data housed in a Tier IV, SSAE-16 Type II certified datacenter and why is this important?

When using Instanet, the answer is yes.

Physical security is just as important as data security, encryption, firewalls and ‘all that technical stuff’. Hurricanes, widespread power outages and other disasters always pose a threat. The data center should have redundant connections to the internet, gas or diesel generator back-ups that can last a week or more without refill in case of extended electrical outage, etc. They should also be audited and rated by known organizations. Don’t just take your vendor’s word for it, ask for certifications.

Does Instanet store data in a secondary data center?

When using Instanet, the answer is yes.

As those people up and down the east coast very well know, natural disasters happen. That’s why it’s important that your critical system vendors store your data in multiple locations that are not in the same city or area (at least 150 miles apart and not subject to the same natural threats). Your vendor should be able to switch from one site to the other quickly.


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