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Florida REALTORS® Take TransactionDesk to New Heights

Realtors in Florida Set New All Time Records for TransactionDesk Usage

Austin, TX – March 1, 2013 – Today Instanet Solutions released Florida usage metrics for TransactionDesk, Authentisign and related services.

TransactionDesk, once a Florida Association of REALTORS member benefit, still enjoys widespread usage in Florida and remains one of the most-used technology platforms in the industry.

Approximately 60,000 Florida Realtors® are subscribed to TransactionDesk, and other Instanet Solutions’ services, as individuals, through their brokerages, their Multiple Listing Services or their local REALTOR organizations.

Instanet Solutions recently announced that it had signed Watson Realty, one of Florida’s largest brokerages, to a multi-year agreement to provide all Watson associates with TransactionDesk, as well as Authentisign, Instanet Solutions’ ESIGN compliant electronic signature solution.

Instanet Solutions also recently executed a long-term renewal with the REALTOR Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale (RAGFL), who will continue to provide TransactionDesk, Authentisign and Instanet Fax Vanity Fax numbers to its members as part of their member benefits.

Key 2012 usage metrics for the TransactionDesk platform in Florida include:

  • Over 1.6 million forms and contracts were created.
  • Nearly 1.4 million transactions were created.
  • Nearly 400,000 faxes, totaling over 3 million pages, were sent or received, through the system.
  • Over 560,000 documents were uploaded into the system, totaling over 2.4 million pages.
  • Over 90,000 electronic signings were created using Authentisign.

“We appreciate the tremendous support from our clients in Florida,” says Martin Scrocchi, CEO and President of Instanet Solutions. “And, it’s great to see REALTORS in Florida using TransactionDesk to conduct so much business. Helping REALTORS do more business, more efficiently, is what this platform is all about.”

“Our users in Florida uploaded more documents, faxed more documents through our system, and had more documents electronically signed in 2012 than in any prior year,” according to Mr. Joe Kazzoun, Vice President of Business and Product Development of Instanet Solutions. “Adoption just keeps getting better and better. Forms usage remains strong, and other areas of the system continue to grow very rapidly,” Mr. Kazzoun concluded.

About Instanet Solutions: Instanet Solutions is a leading provider of real estate technology with approximately 400,000 licensed, paid, user accounts of their various real estate focused products – InstanetForms™, TransactionDesk™, DocBox™, DocBox2Go™, InstanetFax™ and Authentisign™. Instanet Solutions began delivering residential real estate technology in 1990.

Instanet Solutions services have processed more than 160 million pages of documents just since 2009 and have saved millions of pages of paper. Instanet Solutions was a pioneer of paperless efforts in the real estate industry, including its Go Green Go Paperless campaign initiated in 2008. Instanet Solutions continues to lead the industry in promoting and developing paperless real estate technologies. Further information about Instanet Solutions and its products is available at


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