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The Evolution of Real Estate Faxing Solutions

The Evolution of Real Estate Faxing Solutions

If your real estate practice is still using the same old faxing solution, there’s something you should know. Faxing has evolved, and the latest version of InstanetFax brings some of the best real estate technology features to faxing.
Those that say faxing is dead haven’t been in a bustling real estate office lately. Title companies, loan brokers, escrow offices and attorneys all use faxing on a regular basis.

But what if you could change HOW you fax? That’s the new evolution of faxing and it starts with InstanetFax.

The InstanetFax service has five different faxing services all bundled into one for one ridiculously low cost.

Email to Fax:

That’s right. Now you can use your own email and send it to regular fax machine. InstanetFax includes the technology to compose an email message and send to a traditional fax machine. All you have to do is compose an email message, type the recipient’s fax number in the subject line, attach any document (like a pdf or doc) and click send. How’s that for convenience. You don’t even need a fax machine in your home office anymore.

Fax to an Email:

Do you ever have paper contract pages and a fax machine, but really need to send your client, another agent, or service provider the fax but they don’t have immediate access to a fax machine? Mostly everyone, though, has access to email. With InstanetFax, you can use a traditional fax machine to email message the contents of the fax. InstanetFax will covert a paper fax into a PDF document then deliver that PDF document to any email address. Here’s another valuable tip: create an InstanetFax cover for your own email account and use the same InstanetFax cover sheet time and again to email docs to yourself.

Inbound Faxing is another feature of InstanetFax. You can have your own personal fax number or even include toll-free fax-back cover sheets. You receive inbound faxes online, can store them, and you get an email notification with the received fax attached as a PDF. You can create very specific fax-back cover sheets when receiving specific documents or use a generic cover sheet to first receive, review then re-name and save received fax documents online for the required state retention periods.

Outbound Faxing is super easy when combined with DocBox. You don’t need to be within a thousand miles of a fax machine to send an outbound fax. With Internet access, deliver documents as outbound faxes to a recipient’s fax machine. And with DocBox2Go, you’ll have additional mobile access for online document faxing since you can do it from your Smartphone. With DocBox, any saved digital document can be faxed outbound.

Use the DocBox Print Driver to virtually ‘Print’ any document to fax, email or account upload. Install the DocBox Driver along with the other Printers on your desktop, laptop, office workstation or on all of your computers. You can then fax or email that document to anyone, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection.

So there you have it – the evolution of faxing. It can be a huge advantage to your real estate office in terms of convenience, accessibility and ease-of-use. You don’t have to have access to a fax machine to fax — how cool is that?

For more information on InstanetFax, please visit or call 1-800-668-8768.

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