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Instanet: Real Estate's #1 paperless services since 1991

Instant File Review for Brokers and Managers

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Save time, money, and reduce risk with Instanet’s BrokerDashboard

Our system is designed to help you stay on track. Complete with a built-in BrokerChecklist, the software is broker controlled, provides automated alerts and reduces legal exposure.

Broker Dashboard

BrokerChecklist includes:

  • Online document checklist keeps you organized.
  • File status tracking keeps you updated.
  • Automated alerts keep you one step ahead.


“I am a ‘do what you say, and say what you mean’ type of person, and if I ever have a problem that I think I need to step in and move it up the chain a little bit and reach out, I can be assured that I’ll have a response [from Instanet] immediately.”

Karen Kage, C.E.O
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You’ve done the work, you’ve kept the client happy and now it’s time to close the sale!

Don’t risk missing an important step or deadline – keep all compliance requirements top of mind with the Broker Checklist. You’ve got enough on your mind, let us keep track of the finer details so you can pull off the big picture.

  • Reduce Risk Agents know what documents are needed for each transaction. Broker file review work is automatically documented in transaction file history.
  • Reporting Dashboards: See exactly which documents you need to review in a simple report with links to each document that makes accessing and reviewing easy and fast. The automated Broker File Management tool helps brokerages manage their listing, sale and lease files much more efficiently while reducing legal exposure.

Product Suite

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