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Instanet: Real Estate's #1 paperless services since 1991

Fax to Email or Email to Fax

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Streamline the fax to email, email to fax process with InstanetFax® and FaxIt.

Your clients will love the simplicity and ease of using InstanetFax® and FaxIt to share files securely.


InstanetFax® includes:

  • Share documents quickly and efficiently.
  • Brand and watermark files for authenticity.
  • Date stamp documents for archiving and timelines.
  • Send all faxes toll free (no one is charged!).


“I love working with the Instanet team. Anytime I give them a call, I feel like I’m getting special attention. ... I can’t remember any issues that I’ve ever run into that they haven’t really solved for me.”

Buzz Steele, Director of Marketing and Research
Tennessee Association of REALTORS
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