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Re-Name a Form in a Transaction File

Pro View:

Work with Forms Associated with Transactions:


Expand the Transaction Folder and Select the Form to Re-name:


Re-Name the Form and Save the change:

When adding a Transaction Contact (Lite or Pro)  if the Contact Name is different than the name needed on the Forms or in a Signing use the Preferred Name option to Populate Form Fields and for Creating Authentisign Initial and Signature Stamps:

Transaction – Edit Contact


Spruce up outbound email, Authentisign invitations and fax cover-sheets with Branding.  Upload Photos, Logos and Images to Brand your TransactionDesk account!

Pro View >  Settings Tab > Branding

Deliver an Editable form to clients or co-operating agents.  Select the form and use the Email Selected form option.  When setting up the Email Send choose the option:  Send as Link and Allow recipient to make changes.

The email recipient will have online access to edit the form and you will receive notifications of any updates that the recipient makes to your online form!

Transaction – Email Forms



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